Exquisite tangible household storage supplies make everything more reasonable and scientific

I can’t tell you how many cases I’ve read about storage. There are people who squeeze out almost every inch of space in their house, and there are people who can’t fit anything into a 200-square-meter house.

In fact, this is a core problem about storage: with the growth and development of people, there will always be new items added, and a house with a fixed area and space is almost impossible to grow (except for changing the house…). .

We must follow the life concept of “in and out” for scientific and reasonable storage.

In addition to “hide”, storage should also be “release”. Don’t just be restricted to the big cabinet, practical design, exquisite tangible storage supplies is not only an assist to the great cause of storage, but also a dose of seasoning in the home style.

“Easy to put away”

▲ Porch is especially a critical area of miscellaneous items, keys, hats, umbrellas are basically walking with people

▲ Most people’s homes are not so neat as blankets on the floor or books on the coffee table. They might as well be packed into a basket

▲ Knitting on a whim, when you need to put it down to do other things at any time, a stable storage basket can ensure that all the previous efforts will not be wasted

As a result, the object of their temporary storage is “easy to put away”.

Felt storage box

Applicable identity: laundry basket, book basket, sundries basket, pet nest

Flexible felt, light, soft and easy to form, is suitable for folding design.

The felt storage box is cut in one piece, and simple DIY assembly can become a three-dimensional storage box.

Supports multiple color customization and logo customization.

The trumpet is a great fit for small things. Put it in the porch, entrance and exit keys, utility and electricity forms, beautiful publicity pages, handy to put, clean and easy to find.

The tuba is for lazy people. The rise of the occasional want to read a book is attracted by mobile phones, easily put not to let the books scattered full tables and chairs; Summer air conditioning cold, a blanket at any time to save life, from this small box can be fished up.

One big discovery: Dogs and cats love the soft, soft felt material, and the box can even be used as a pet nest.

Felt materialwear-resistant, moisture-proof, not easy to deformation, durable, the key is also a special texture, is a new design material in recent years, used as a free storage container, is also a beautiful decoration.

Post time: Jun-02-2023