Felt bag characteristics explain

The felt bag is waterproof, warm, loose and cushioned. Used to make a variety of bags are not only fashionable but also particularly generous and practical. Its biggest feature is that it can be recycled, and it has a good environmental protection. The unique reducibility and elasticity of wool fibers make wool products that are properly maintained regularly more durable than other natural fibers and man-made fibers.

Felt handbag

In traditional felt design, various colors of felt are cut into a variety of shapes and then threaded into another shape. In fact, the specific application of felt in clothing needs to dig its deep application under the premise of understanding its characteristics. Wool has both soft and strong characteristics, good fiber elasticity, comfortable touch, and good reducibility, so wool felt products can be quickly restored to their original state after folding, not easy to deform.

Felt bag Felt bags produced from natural wool are elastic and can be used as shock-proof, sealing, padding and elastic wire and needle cloth base felt material, but also can be used to produce felt bags. Because felt has very good bonding properties, it is not easy to produce loose, and can be cut into various shapes of parts. In addition, felt also has very good thermal insulation properties, so it can be used as a thermal insulation material. Because of its compact structure and small pores, felt bags can be used as excellent filtration materials. In addition, felt also has very good wear resistance, so it can be used as a polished material.

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The felt package can be used separately due to the difference in the size and specifications of its density after bonding. Because of the compact density and stable performance of felt, it can be used to press and produce various felt parts. The thermal insulation performance of felt bag is very good, so it can be made into various specifications of felt insole. In addition, the felt bag also has good moisturizing properties, and it has very good elasticity, so it can be made into a seal for car doors and Windows, and can also be used as a seal for central doors and Windows.

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Since the felt bag is not woven in the production process, it has a very good filterability, which can be used for oil absorption, and the bottom of the ship’s oil drum is mostly made of felt bags to keep the ship clean. The machine parts are packaged with felt bags, which have the characteristics of high whiteness, good shock resistance, noise reduction, etc., and can be adjusted into Musical Instruments according to the size of the felt.

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