Introduction to felt

Wool felt is an old way of fabric in the current pre-historical records of mankind, which was used by humans earlier than textile, knitting and other skills.

Thicker wool felt is opaque to light. Especially the wool felt vase, the glass material is completely buried, at first glance, the cloth bottle can actually hold water! Very strange emotion. Well, put some clothes on them, too. Put the flowerpots into the wool felt bucket, or directly replace a vase made of wool felt, and the warmth will immediately rise. But the POTS and bottles of flowers are mostly glass and ceramic, and the winter looks colder.

The winter in the north is very wet and cold, and the carpet is an indispensable guarantee of warmth. And the raw material of its wool makes people feel warm, in the cold winter, with sheep felt installed in the home, it will make people feel warm.

Hollow sheep felt lamp is very easy to play light and shadow illusion results. At this time, we can use the common sense of middle school mathematics: the sum of the four corners of the arbitrary shape quadrilateral is 360 degrees, which means that it can be formed into a plane that fits very well. Felt has the characteristics of both soft and strong, good fiber elasticity, quiet touch, and excellent resilience, can quickly reply to the original state after folding, not easy to deform, is a good data for home decoration. In addition to heat preservation, wool felt is also one of its major advantages.

In addition, backpacks, notebook sets, slippers, chair cushions, coin wallets, tissue boxes, wall clocks, etc., can be completed with felt raw materials, and the texture is very strong.

Thick felt toughness is very good, the strength is enough, therefore, you can use the cloth lock to lift the four corners, it becomes a very good storage basin, do not need to put flat, there will not be too much storage space. Therefore, the wool felt decoration on the lamp has artistic results. Simply cut the circular wool felt according to the spiral and then hang it on the lamp, which can also form a very good light and shadow result.

No matter what time of year, there are always flowers and plants in the home. We can cut the off-color wool felt into a series of arbitrary quadrangles of the same shape, and then break up and combine, you can achieve a very beautiful parquet pattern carpet.

Post time: Jun-16-2023