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JI HANG Dog nose smelling puzzle felt pads, interactive dog puzzles, squirrel felt pads feeding games encourage natural foraging tips,

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[Slow Feeding Time] This nasal hair pad for large dogs facilitates long, slow feeding and nose training. This dog puzzle / Dog feeding mat allows your dog to eat from 10 to 15 minutes, which is much more than 1 minute than eating in a bowl. The dog-stimulating toy prevents bloating and challenges the dog's mind while slowing the dog's eating rate, triggering a natural talent to dig or feed.
[Anti-skid, large, durable jigsaw puzzle toys] Made of high-quality felt cloth, containing thick artificial grass leaves, durable and suitable for pets. At the bottom is a non-slip sheet that effectively supports the dog puzzle mat and prevents the dog from moving. The petals and grass were sewn on the dog food pads with thick cotton thread. The dog olfactory pad can be shrunk into a small storage bag and can be suspended or placed when not in use
[Dog plush toys] Two squeaky pinecones are separate interactive toys. Squirrel toys hidden in the tree trunk are more durable than regular stuffed dog puzzle toys.

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[Dog Training Pad Toys] Compared to other hiccup pads, our dog eating pads have 4 creaking bones that can insert into holes. There are also 5 layers of orange petals for one or two dogs, allowing your dog to find hidden snacks or small toys in the snack pad. The dog foraging mat has a squeak under the sign, and 3 pleated paper is placed randomly in the petals to attract the dog's attention and provide more fun.
[Easy to store and clean] Dog pads can be easily folded into a storage bag. Carry a belt, perfect for travel. This dog training mat can be machine washed or hand washed.

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[Train your dog to smell to hunt] This large dog puzzle can help enhance your dog's hunting smell. You can hide your food in this dog puzzle / dog feeding mat, allowing your dog to find his gourmet food under the messy grass.
[Digestive and Mental Health Improvement] This nose pad for large dogs improves dog digestion by slowing down the rate of food intake. This dog breathing tube pad consumes your dog's energy and help lose weight. Improve the mental health of your dogs by using these digging toys. This dog stimulation toy reduces dog anxiety and disruptive behavior.

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