Chemical fiber carpet.

Felt chemical fiber felt, also known as fine cloth, is mostly made of polyester needle felt, our company can produce 50-5000g felt, thickness: 0.8mm-80mm thickness. Chemical fiber felt is low carbon environmental protection and pollution-free green materials, on this point Western countries pay more attention to, now chemical fiber color felt gradually by some Western countries development and design personnel, developed into felt placemat felt cup felt felt felt accessories felt ornaments and other kinds of felt home articles. It has also become a natural consumable for households in Western countries. In the next few years especially color chemical fiber felt color wool felt, should not be affected by the financial storm, still popular.

The high quality and delicate felt bag is widely used, suitable for business gifts, anniversary store celebrations, festival promotion gifts, etc., the use of high quality environmental protection felt, feel soft, strong and durable high quality felt, environmental protection, recyclable simple and durable, felt material structure compact can keep clean for a long time.

Felt bag maintenance skills:
1, the use of soft brush to brush the surface dust, maintain the beautiful color and appearance of wool felt fabric, do not regularly let the wool fabric rest for wool fibers have time to breathe, restore natural characteristics.

2, wool fiber has natural antifouling, accidentally contaminated with dirt please use semi-dry towel to deal with, do not use warm, hot water or bleach water to clean wool products stains, such as need to rub gently to avoid fiber quality damage. Surface such as friction and hair ball with small scissors to trim off, will not affect the appearance of wool felt fabric.

3, the felt bag is collected and washed clean, completely dried and sealed. When washing, it is washed with cold water and can not be bleached with chemical agents such as bleaching powder. The neutral lotion marked with pure wool mark and free of bleach is selected for cleaning. Try to wash by hand to avoid damaging the appearance. When the felt bag is cleaned, it is lightly pressed by hand. The dirty part only needs to be gently scrubbed. Do not scrub with a brush.

4. After cleaning the felt package, try to hang the felt products in a ventilated place to dry naturally. If you need to use low temperature drying, otherwise high temperature will lead to deformation or even burnt

Post time: Nov-03-2022