The difference between needled filter felt and general woven filter media

Compared with the general woven filter material, needled filter felt has the following advantages:
1, large porosity, good air permeability, can improve the load capacity of equipment and reduce pressure loss and energy consumption. Needle-punched filter felt is a fine short fiber filter cloth with staggered arrangement and uniform pore distribution. The porosity can reach more than 70%, which is twice that of woven filter cloth. The size of bag dust collector can be reduced and energy consumption can be significantly reduced by using needle needle as filter bag.
2. High dust efficiency and low gas emission concentration. The experimental results show that the filtration efficiency of 325 mesh talc (about 7.5μm in median diameter) can reach 99.9-99.99%, which is an order of magnitude higher than that of flannel. The gas emission concentration may be substantially below the national standard.
3. The surface is finished by hot binding and burning or coating, the surface is smooth and smooth, not easy to block, not easy to deform, easy to clean, long service life. The service life of needle felt is generally 1 ~ 5 times that of woven filter cloth.
4, widely used, strong chemical stability. It can filter not only normal temperature or high temperature gas, but also corrosive gas containing acid and alkali, water and oil filtration. Needle filter felt is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, smelting, power generation, ceramics, machinery, mining, petroleum, medicine, dye, food, grain processing and other industries of process application, material recovery, dust control of liquid-solid separation and other fields, is an ideal gas purification filtration material and liquid-solid separation medium.
5, polyester needle felt is mainly used for flue gas temperature below 150℃.
Our company can supply all kinds of needled felt. The following is the performance parameter of 550 grams

Main technical parameters of needle felt filter material
The name of the filter material
Polyester needle felt
The base cloth material
Polyester nylon
Gram weight (g/m2)
Thickness (mm)
Density (g/cm3)
Void volume (%)
Fracture strength (N) :
(Sample size 210/150mm)
Vertical: 2000 Horizontal: 2000
Elongation of fracture:
Vertical (%) : <25 Horizontal (%) : <24
Air permeability (L/dm2min@200Pa)
Thermal shrinkage at 150 ° C
Vertical (%) : <1 Horizontal (%) : <1
Service temperature:
Continuous (℃) : 130 Instant (℃) : 150
Surface handling:
One – side firing, one – side rolling, heat setting

Post time: Nov-03-2022