The wide range of uses of felt

With the industrial development of various countries, industrial wool felt products appear more important. It IS AN INDISPENSABLE ACCESSORY IN INDUSTRY, WITH a WIDE RANGE OF USES, WHICH CAN BE COMPARED WITH OTHER GENERAL PRODUCTS!! At present, the products are widely in various fields! Because it has good strength, good elasticity, good wear resistance, good warmth, good sharpness and other unique characteristics, for example, mechanical oil sealing using sheep felt roll sealing oil performance is the best. Ovens and freezers need to be sealed by flat felt with the strongest sealing performance. Because the structure of the wool felt is dense and not easy to flow air, the thermal performance of the felt is the most ideal, and the wool has excellent sharpness. The wool wheel polishing and polishing of senior products are the best, and the filtration and purification degree of the wool cylinder is the best. The seat, cushion and lining with the wool felt are elastic and wear-resistant, so it is a weapon Arsenal. Tractor factory, car factories, shipyards, oil factory, factory, bicycle saddle factory, glass, mirror, filter factory, chemical plants, power plants, textile machinery, lantern wick flocking factory, dyeing factory, bearing factory, watch factory, enameled wire factory, electroplating factory, enterprise, wireless power plants, gold bracelet factory, stationery, horologe parts factory production device will use the product.

Nangong Junhang Felt Products Co. LTD
Our company mainly produces various specifications of felt, felt cloth industrial felt needle colored felt painting and calligraphy chemical fiber felt insole felt, industrial felt, civil felt, needle fiber felt, non-woven, flame retardant felt, sound-absorbing cotton felt, felt workpiece, entertainment felt, wool mat and other products sales. Finished production Planting bag Beauty planting bag Nursery bag storage bucket felt tote bag felt finger puppet felt holiday decorations felt coasters felt storage basket and felt fabric.

Various models of felt, felt, felt mat, furniture protection mat, felt mat, felt ring, felt wheel. Felt strips. Felt pieces. Needle felt, civil felt, cold proof felt (civil felt mattress is suitable for student dormitory, barracks bed used. All wool pressed, is the replacement of TATami, has the advantages of cold, cold, heat, moisture, etc.), soft felt, insole felt, calligraphy felt, felt oil seal. Gasket, color felt, stationery felt, oil suction felt, industrial wool felt, felt products, polished marble stainless steel felt. Wool ball, mainly used for: machinery, mechanical and electrical, electrical appliances, power tools, aerospace, military manufacturing, instrumentation, communication equipment, textile equipment, laser instruments, automatic control equipment, medical instruments, automotive and other parts of the sealing shock

Company location
Nangong Junhang Felt Products Co., LTD., located in Nangong City, Hebei Province, is a medium-sized private enterprise specializing in research, production and sales of sheep felt. Since the establishment of our factory, relying on years of experience, and constantly introduce foreign advanced production equipment, so that the quality of the company’s products continue to improve, the quality of products to the national Ministry of Industry issued standards, and China Textile Federation of Trade Union certification. Our company’S geographical position IS superior, 106, 308 NATIONAL ROAD crossing through the city, YINQING HIGHWAY, XINGDE ROAD through the city, the geographical location and traffic is very convenient.

Industry News
June 27 to 29, Hebei Nangong the first sheep sheared felt automotive supplies national Fair and technical matchmaking meeting held. The FAIR IS SPONSORED BY NDRC China Equipment Management ASSOCIATION AND NangONG MUNICIPAL People’s GOVERNMENT, AND UNDERTAKEN by Beijing YasEN INTERNATIONAL Exhibition Co., LTD. Chen Yuping, Vice President and Secretary General of China Equipment Management Association of National Development and Reform Commission attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Li Fenggang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the CPC and Minister of United Front, attended the meeting and spoke highly of the conference. More than 1300 professionals from all over the country visited the sheep sheared felt automotive supplies exhibition.

The characteristic industry is famous and beautiful, and the exhibition is popular. In recent years, according to the strategic requirements of implementing new industrial breakthroughs, Nangong Municipal Party Committee and Municipal government insist on building parks, cultivating leaders, attracting merchants and carrying out projects. The sheep clipping and felt industries show a trend of rapid cluster development and become two magnificent wonderful flowers in the national wool textile industry. Among them, sheep shearing industry is the characteristic industry confirmed by Hebei Province. At present, there are 1960 sheep shearing and fur processing enterprises in Hebei Province, with more than 20,000 employees. The products include ten series and more than 200 varieties, with an annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan and foreign exchange earning of 180 million US dollars. The export volume accounts for about 50% of the similar products in China, and it has developed into the largest distribution and processing base of sheep shearing in Asia. Felt industry mainly series industrial felt, auto glass sealing strip and so on more than 20 series more than 180 varieties, production accounted for 60%, of the national best-selling 27 provinces, and enter the international market such as Japan, France, Korea, the annual business income is 350 million yuan, the export taxes to $10 million, to become Asia’s largest carpet production and processing base, Awarded the title of “Famous City of sheep sheared felt in China” by China National Textile Industry Association. Recently, it was named “Hebei Province characteristic industry base”.

It IS REPORTED THAT this FAIR EXHIBITORS 173 ENTERPRISES, 209 booths, 180 varieties of exhibition, transaction amount of 165 million yuan.

Russia has always been useful to make, or the tradition, especially felt shoes, with its unique cold-proof, wear-resistant, comfortable and other advantages, won the praise of the Russian old people, now the wool felt shoes and become the new favorite of Russian fashion designers, if add appropriate decoration, it can fully show the national emotional appeal of Russia.

According to the international footwear market tracking shows that Australian sheep skin is leading the fashion trend of footwear. In this way, natural wool felt has unusual properties, wool fiber permeability, according to the ring, he said: want to get rich, go to Wantong commerce to find quality arts and crafts suppliers! The ambient temperature regulates the hygroscopicity of the finished product, and the felt structure has a breathable channel to evacuate the heat inside the shoe.

The wool used to make shoe felt is Merino wool, hybrid wool, origin for Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, etc. The length and quality of the wool are affected by the time of shearing. Autumn shearing wool, the growing period is 4 months, shorter than the spring shearing, lanolin less, relatively clean, but grass seed more, this kind of wool felt than spring wool and lamb hair, so the amount of felt is also more. Lambing hair is cut from 4-7 months old coarse or semi-coarse sheep, of good quality, fine fineness and crimp, with fine setae fibers with heart-shaped stretches.

When making felt shoes or boots, you can use different specifications of wool: fine fiber hair, half fine fiber hair, half coarse fiber hair, coarse fiber hair, the first two kinds of wool quality is good, most can be used for felt shoes, after two kinds of wool quality is slightly worse, but they have better strength, so it is also suitable for felt shoes. In actual production, the autumn shearing of hybrid sheep is used more, and the cut hair is added, even the waste hair is added, which can not only reduce the cost, but also adjust the performance of felt according to the actual needs.

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